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Bake it or Fake it!

Bake it or Fake it!

We love baking Mary Berry's cake recipes. They're easy to put together and work every time (well most of the time!). Here's her classic Victoria Sandwich recipe for you to try.

Our printed cake toppers look great on any kind of cake. They can go on fondant icing, buttercream or maybe just icing sugar sprinkled on top of the cake. If you're using buttercream, let it dry out a little before putting on the printed cake topper. If you're using fresh cream, wait until the last minute to put the cake topper on.

And if you're out of time, or just not that way inclined, you can always pop down to your local bakery or supermarket and pick up a ready made cake. Add your cake topper and some sprinkles and no one will be any the wiser. Here's a Raspberry Sponge cake from the Tesco with a cake topper and a few extras to make it special!

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